Cisco 881 is One of the best Integrated Service Router

Cisco 881 is one fo the best integrated service router of the cisco 880 series integrated service routers, combined internet access, security, voice and wireless service on to a single secured device that is simple to use and manage small businesses and enterprise and branch offices and teleworkers. The 10/100 Mbps fast Ethernet models of the cisco 881 integrated services also provide firewall, centralized management features, easy deployment, content filtering, WLANs and VPNs at broadband speed for the small offices.

Cisco 881

The best options available at the cisco 881 routers include the survivable remote site telephony for teleworker and small branch voice. It also has the built in advanced security including GET VPN, intrusion prevention and the dynamic multipoint VPN (DMVPN) that support up to almost 20 site to site VPN tunnels along with the cisco configuration professional that is helpful for the simplified management. Cisco 881 integrated routers also have the capability of WAN connection with numerous access options. This integrated service router provides the business stability by sustaining primary and backup connections on the cisco 880 router. This also includes the third generation wireless plus ISDN. Cisco 880 series integrated services routers provide the collaborative services with secure analog, digital voice and data communication. The series provides the enhanced security features that include the firewall and advanced application and control for email, instant messaging and HTTP traffic.

Cisco 881 router configuration guide is a complete document that provides the specifications and information regarding all the routers in this series. The configuration guide gives the information about the wireless device overview, basic router configuration, basic wireless device configuration and configuring radio settings along with all the details. Cisco 881 price varies with the specifications but all the prices are affordable for everyone. You have to pay little price, but you will get highly valued secure system for your business.

cisco 881