Cisco 7940 Manual User Guide for Cisco 7940 IP Phone Users 7940G/7960

Cisco 7940 manual user guide for cisco 7940 IP phone users (cisco 7940G/7960 manuals). If you are looking for a dependable VIOP, then Cisco 9740 might be the right option for you. Its robust design is centered on a large display which shows information such as caller identification, dialing options and options for missed calls. The layout of the button is designed with features that allow access to corporate directories and mailbox. Cisco, the manufacture of this great Voice over IP phone, has really done its homework here!
Apart from the above features, the phone has headset connectivity, an autodial feature, and a hands free speaker phone capacity. With the Cisco 7940 phone, you will have access to no less than two telephone lines. This type of phone is perfectly suited for the modern corporate world as it’s very efficient and performs the exact functions it was intended to perform.

Cisco 7940 Manual User Guide for Cisco IP Phone 7940

Description of the Cisco 7940 IP Phone

With the superior sound quality of this product, you are assured of a high end manager phone or office worker phone. These features have perhaps made it the most popular IP phone in the market today. With a dedicated headset port and a two way speaker, as well as two lines, you can’t ask for a better IP phone feature. The phone weighs 1.6kg (3.5 lb).
In terms of size and color, it looks very much like the 7906 G IP Phone. Though the 7960G and 7940G share almost the same characteristics, the latter has just two line key buttons and can handle only 4 simultaneous calls unlike the 7960G that can handle up to 12 calls at the same time.

Free Download Cisco 7940 Manual

Below are some of the special features of the 7940 IP phone:

• Call hold features
• Call dialing
• Delivers high quality VOLP
• It can be upgraded
• It has an advanced voicemail feature
• Advanced incoming call handling
• Advanced features that help you block unwanted calls
• Advanced call forwarding features
• Speed dialing

One great advantage you will get from this product is that they usually come with a guarantee.

Another striking feature of the 9740G phone is its large LCD display. This feature allows other features such as the Extensible Markup Language (XML) to be incorporated in it. The product equally works well with Cisco’s POE technology which lessens office clustering and reduces installation headaches.
It is equally very easy to operate for first time users. With the help of the Cisco IP phone 7940 manual, installation and use is pretty easy. The Cisco 7940 manual comes with every package of the phone you purchase.

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