Cisco 2600 Series of Modular Routers

Cisco 2600 is an award winning series of modular multiservice access routers. These provide flexible LAN and WAN configurations, voice and data integration, multiple security options and a range of highly professional processors. Cisco 2600 series is an ideal branch office router for today’s’ and tomorrow’s customer requirements and needs. Cisco 2600 series of modular routers includes the cisco 2612, cisco 2600MX models and the cisco 2691. All the models deliver enhanced security performance, extended performance and concurrent application support in order to fulfill the progressive demands of branch offices. The cisco 2600 series with extensive support of multiprotocol data routing, DSL access, ATM, dial access services and voice and data integration provide a highly flexible integrated solution that simplifies the process of organizing and managing the branch-office network.
Cisco routers include cisco 1600, cisco 1700, cisco 3600 and cisco 3700 series routers which have the ability of offering the service providers and network managers a cost effective solution to meet the branch office needs. These great routers provide internet and internet access with firewall security, VPN access, multiservice voice and data integration, inter VLAN routing, routing with bandwidth management and integration of flexible routing along with low density switching.

Cisco 2600 Series RoutersĀ Hardware Installation Guide in PDF


cisco 2600

Cisco aironet 2600 series with its most advance features sets a new standard for enterprise wireless technology by offering great performance, reliability, functionality and other competitive features at reasonable prices. With the cisco aironet series, interference free, high speed wireless experience can be ensured. It includes RF excellence, limited lifetime hardware warranty including 10 day advance hardware replacement, both controller based and standalone version is available with other cisco clientlink 2.0 technology and cisco clean air technology. These cisco services help you to increase you business’s operational efficiency, lower support costs and improve availability risk management.