All About VOIP Services

You may have heard of VOIP services before and wondered what people were talking about.  I mean, isn’t a phone call a phone call?  We all live in the midst of so much technology, but most of us don’t know much about it, let alone the technological terms or lingo.  We just go with the flow.  The thing is, we could potentially be saving a lot of money every month if we understood where technology was taking us with regard to the telephone industry.

VOIP services are nothing more or less than simply internet phone services.  VOIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” and it is just a fancy way of saying that you are getting your phone services through internet providers rather than through traditional phone lines.  These kinds of services are provided by your standard ISP and usually require a Broadband, Wifi or DSL connection; after all if you are using dial-up, you already have a phone line and are actually getting your internet over the phone rather than vice versa.

VOIP Services

Because the internet has become something that is virtually everywhere all of the time, VOIP services have allowed people to remain in communication more constantly than ever before, no matter where they.  It also allows for 3-way calling and a host of other features, such as caller ID. Because VOIP works with your internet connection, you are no longer tethered by a phone line or phone cord.  Many companies offer inexpensive VOIP plans and all in all it has really changed and opened up the communications marketplace.  Some of the biggest complaints about VOIP have to do with call quality, dropped calls or “glitches” in which all information isn’t properly transferred as completely and accurately as traditional phone lines, but as far as value and convenience go, VOIP truly has become the wave of the future.