Cisco 8961 Manual User Guide for 8961 IP Phone Users. Cisco 9951/9971

Cisco 8961 manual user guide for 8961 IP phone users. Cisco 9951/9971 manuals. At first glance, the Cisco 8961 manual may make the phone out to seem like a modest piece of technology, but in fact this phone and the 9951 and 9971 models are revolutionary pieces of telephony that are streamlining executive conversations.

Features of These Models

Cisco IP phone line is a series of phones that are made for business executives who are constantly using their phones, simplifying functions and allowing them to multitask with ease. Features of these phones include:
1. A customizable color palette of white or grey, allowing the phone to blend into any office.
2. A 5 inch touch screen for the caller to see Caller IDs, calls waiting, and messages, cutting out extra button strikes.
3. A high-quality speakerphone function that allows the user to talk hands-free.
4. Easy to understand buttons for conference calling, transferring, and other functions that typically require some technical mastery.
5. Only 10.3” in length, making it compact enough for any office, regardless of size.
6. Contains a 10/100/1000 wired Ethernet port, allowing users a fast and secure connection at all times.
7. Have auto-answer, auto-dial, call waiting, call hold, a corporate directory, and an intercom to allow phone users any function they possibly need.

Cisco 8961 Manual (Cisco 9951/9971)

Why the Cisco IP Phone is the Best for Professionals

While the Cisco 9951, Cisco 9971, and Cisco 8961 manuals may all describe phones that seem ordinary to us, these are actually extraordinary pieces of technology that are streamlining how office communication is set up. These phones fit right in to any office and are easy enough for even the technologically illiterate to operate with their user-friendly operating systems. Ultimately, the Cisco IP Phone is the only phone worth having in an executive office.

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