Cisco 7941 Manual User Guide for Cisco 7941 IP Phone Users (7941G/7941G-GE)

Cisco 7941 manual user guide for cisco 7941 IP phone users (cisco 7941G/7941G-GE manuals). Many people own the Cisco 7941 phone and this is because it is a remarkable handset which has all the features that you will ever need in a phone. This contraption comes with features that will make your calling experience satisfying. The main features of this phone include; a high resolution display, inline power and it supports Unicode text. In order to get a better idea of what this phone is all about; its features and functions, you need to take a look at the Cisco 7941 manual. The manual best describes those features and functions.
Basically, the contraption has 2 feature buttons as well as 4 soft keys. The soft keys are there to assist people to use the phone functions as well as the call features. It also comes with audio controls for a good quality speakerphone headset. There is also a headset port that is built-in and the integrated Ethernet switch. One of the most distinctive features of this phone is its pixel based LCD display. The display is a key component because it has features that include; date, time, calling party information as well as the digits which you will have dialed.

Cisco 7941 Manual User Guide for Cisco IP Phones

The features in detail

When it comes to messages, you will have access to your voicemail quickly. The settings key enables you to control the display contrast as well as choose background images. The services are also remarkable. As a user, you will be able to access details like the weather or stock. All this is done using XML. This device has a top-quality speakerphone, headset buttons and microphone mute. Because there is a headset port, there will be no need for a separate amplifier. What that mean is that using your headset will be a lot easier. To add on to that, you can use the phone even if you wear hearing aids and there is a wide selection of ringtones to choose from.
The security features include device authentication as well as encryption and there are over 20 languages available. The voice quality is also exceptional. This is because the phone comes with voice activity detection programming. The phone weighs 3.5 lb. All in all this is a great phone to use. The manual is detailed as it explains all the details and functions of the phone. The features and specifications mentioned above are just some of the many features and specifications available on the manual.

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