Cisco 2960 Series Switches Getting Started, Hardware, Software Guide

Cisco 2960 is also the series of catalyst switches. Cisco catalyst 2960 series switches deliver efficient system connectivity for subdivision offices or undersized and average sized business. These provide cost effective network connectivity as well. These are highly secure and project division speedy ethernet switches that support essential Cisco Borderless networks services. Cisco catalyst 2960 series switches are the leading layer 2 edges that provide improved ease of use, highly secure business operations with improved sustainability and a borderless network experience.  The series have many benefits like easy to use and upgrade. Cisco 2960 configuration Fast Ethernet admittance switches offer superior Layer 2 hazard protection capabilities and basic coating 3 inert routing with 16 routs.

These also offer 2.1GE uplink, advance QoS, rate preventive, Access control lists (ACLs), IPv6 administration and multicast services. The features also include the 8, 24 and 48 fast Ethernet port configurations along with the complete PoE through up to 15.4W per port for up to 48 ports. Cisco 2960 series is easy to systematize, manage as well as operate. This feature means ample series of software attributes to construct industry trouble-free, extremely protected and sustainable and assist transport a borderless system practice.

Cisco 2960

The latest cisco technology allows better investment and savings by providing the cisco energy wise technology to endorse power cost savings. Having these can help your operational efficiency to rise. The product simplifies the network management. Cisco 2960g has the dimension 1.73h.17.7w.12.9d in. the rack height is 1RU along with the input power of 72W (AC). Enhance the connectivity and deployment of your small and medium sized office with the use of these cisco switches. Cisco 2960 manual is the document that makes your understanding perfect and reliable with the installation and connectivity of the product.

Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch Getting Started Guide


Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch Hardware Installation Guide


Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch Software Configuration Guide