Cisco 2811 and Cisco 2821 Integrated Services Routers Manual

Cisco 2811 included services router is an element of the cisco 2800 incorporated services router sequence which harmonizes the integrated services router collection. The 2811 integrated service router provide the support in wire rate recital for synchronized services such as safety and voice and higher service to numerous T1/E1/DSL WAN rates. This integrated router also provides support to the enhanced investment protection through increased presentation and modularity plus the augmented concentration through high rate WAN border Card Slots. This integrated service router supports the enhanced module network slot and hold up for over 90 accessible and innovative components. Its supporting features also include the hold up for preponderance of the accessible AIMs, NMs, VICs, and VWICs. It supports the two incorporated 10/100 fast Ethernet ports. It has 2 switching hold up as optional layer with the PoE.

Cisco 2811 security features include the on-board encryption; hold up up to 1500 VPN channels with the AIM-EPI-PLUS module. It provides the antivirus protection hold up through system administration control. It secures the interruption anticipation as well as stateful cisco IOS firewall hold and other many more necessary safety characteristics. Its voice features and specifications include the analog and digital voice call support and the elective voice mail support. It provides elective support for cisco call manager articulate (Cisco CME) in limited call dealing out in impartial trade for up to 36 IP phones. Cisco 2811 router configuration guide tells all the detailed features and benefits of the cisco 2811.

Cisco 2811

Cisco 2811 and Cisco 2821 Integrated Services Routers Manual in PDF

Cisco 2811 router manual is like a handbook that completely guides you about the product and its usage along with its hardware information, installation and connectivity. Cisco 2811 end of life means when the life of the router ends you can apply for the new product in replacement of the affected one and the end of life date is already given to you.

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